Over 400 industry experts will present new solutions and innovations for the future in 66 conference sessions broken up in 8 tracks offering full conference attendees a chance to earn 15 PDH credit hours.

The conference sessions are organized into multiple concurrent session tracks.

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Asset Resilience and Sustainability


Seasoned managers share lessons learned and new insights to arrive at sound, profitable solutions to asset management challenges.  The seven sessions in this track will help you address key asset management issues, with a goal towards improving the bottom line.

Who Should Attend:

Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Generation Managers, Hydroelectric Department Managers (Engineering, Communications, Finance and Human Resources), Managers of Hydroelectric Assets, Production Managers



Civil Works and Dam Safety


What are the best practices or methods for managing safety issues related to dams and civil structures?
Attendees learn from dam owners, managers and regulators about products, programs, and approaches in use today.  Explore practical ideas that will help you manage the maintenance or modification of civil components.

Who Should Attend:
Civil/Structural Engineers, Consultants, Dam Safety Managers and Regulators, Maintenance Supervisors, Operations Supervisors, Project Managers, Service Contractors





Experts cover the more technical aspects of marine hydrokinetics worldwide and is intended to supplement some of the higher-level information being presented at other MHK conferences.

Who Should Attend:
Device Developers, Technical Staff, Supply Chain Companies, Heads of R&D, University Personnel, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Potential Installers



New Development


Where do promising new opportunities for hydroelectric development exist?  What types of development approaches can serve as successful models for emerging hydro thoughout the world?

These sessions examine the major forces that are moving new hydro forward and explore solutions to the challenges faced along the way.

Who Should Attend:
Business Development Specialists, Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, Project Developers, Project Owners



Operations and Maintenance


Every aspect of hydro plant operations and maintencance contribute to it's success.
Hydropower’s most innovative and progressive O&M managers share their approaches to cutting costs, improving equipment longevity and performance, and increasing worker safety.

Who Should Attend:
Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Maintenance Supervisors, O&M Personnel, Operations Supervisors, Plant Managers and Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Specialists, Service Contractors

Policies and Regulations


Experts share their perspectives on policy and regulatory initiatives in their regions.  The track offers perspectives from throughout the world on hydro policy, with some sessions that focus specifically on U.S hydro policies and regulations.  Attendees learn licensing requirements, and strategies to help them navigate the licensing process quickly and efficiently

Who Should Attend:
Attorneys, Business Managers, Compliance Managers, Consultants, Electricity Supply Regulators, Financiers, Hydro Generation Managers, Independent System Operators, Owners of Hydroelectric Assets, Regulators, Resource Agency Representatives, Tribal Representatives


Experienced developers of small hydropower projects share their experiences and perspectives on this valuable resource. This track will help you see where and when small hydro is being developed and how this resource is contributing globally.

Who Should Attend:
Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, Potential Developers



Water Resources


The allocation and management of water resources is complex.
Experts provide solutions to challenges and share insights about water resource negotiations, the impact of climate change, and new tools for reservoir management.

Who Should Attend:
Consultants, Environmental Specialists, Project Owners, Special Interest Group Representatives, Water Resources Attorneys, Water Resource/Watershed Managers





The ideas, innovations and practices you will encounter in these sessions will stimulate your thinking and help you bring about similar improvements in your areas of interest.

Who Should Attend:
Technical professionals in the hydropower field seeking information on innovative, practical and proven technologies and methodologies, as well as insight into new methods or ideas.



Poster Gallery

Poster Gallery

The HydroVision International conference organizers selected papers that fit these categories for Poster Gallery presentations. Poster presenters put the work on display early in the morning on the day for which they are scheduled.

Each day, poster displays cover a wide range of topics, including: environmental/social issues, equipment and technology, market trends and strategies, project management and operations, and water management and movement.

Meet the Poster Authors: 

Plan to spend some time viewing the poster presentations and visiting with the poster authors. The poster presenters will be available in person to answer questions and discuss their posters during the first session of each day, but their posters will be available to view the entire day!

Times to View:

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017    |    9:30 AM - 11:30 AM 
Thursday, June 29th, 2017    |    8:30 AM - 10:00 AM 
Friday, June 30th, 2017    |    8:30 AM - 10:00 AM