Attendance at HydroVision International could be pivotal to your company's further success in the hydro industry, and if you need senior management's approval for travel and training expenditures, it's worth it to develop a proposal so you can attend HydroVision International 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Here are 3 easy steps to gain approval to attend.

1. Do Your Research

Identify conference sessions that satisfy your professional goals and use our Interactive Floor Plan to locate exhibitors that address specific needs within your organization. Prepare a list of benefits that you can achieve by attending HydroVision International.

Benefits of Attending

  • Build alliances among hydro professionals and water resource stakeholders
  • Share knowledge, expertise and viewpoints toward effective solutions
  • Gain a better understanding of current and future challenges affecting hydro
  • See the most comprehensive collection of hydro-related product and service providers on the exhibit floor
  • Promote technology development to sustain the hydro industry
  • Earn Professional Development Hour Credits - Attendees registered as Full Conference Delegates are eligible to receive 11 Professional Development Hours (PDH) credits.

2. Show How Everyone Benefits

Share your event goals with your department and demonstrate how your participation will help your team achieve their goals. Offer to give a presentation upon returning from HydroVision International to share any new ideas or products that you learned about during the event.

3. Gain Buy-In

Put your ideas in writing and submit a formal proposal to your department head. Include your intended schedule of educational sessions, solution-providers and why the knowledge gained will be valuable to your operation. Strengthen your proposal by listing department goals and the corresponding conference sessions. Also, list all areas where your department faces challenges and how your attendance will help you overcome these challenges. Don't forget to include the cost of airfare, meals and lodging in order to make it an all-inclusive proposal. Remember that your HydroVision International 2018registration is an investment in the industry and will open the door for a wide range of business possibilities.

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