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Dates & Times:
Monday, July 13, 2015 | 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
& Tuesday, July 14, 2015 | 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
*** NEW FOR 2015! Technical Tour Opportunity: The course fee includes a technical tour at T.W. Sullivan Hydro Plant on Monday, July 13 from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM. If you are interested in participating in this tour please specifiy that you would like to attend when prompted during the registration process. 


Hydro Basics Course Only: US $545
Hydro Basics Course + HydroVision International Full Conference: US $995 (a $400 saving!)

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Who Should Attend: Individuals new to hydro, both new hires and experienced professionals moving into hydro or those who want to expand their areas of expertise.

Here's everything you need to know to get started in hydro...and a perfect refresher course for veterans! This intensive, highly practical training is designed to help persons new to hydro be more productive more quickly and to help persons with limited hydro experience expand their knowledge.

Highly qualified faculty representing consulting companies, utilities, federal power producers, and regulatory agencies present interesting, insightful lectures on:

·         Hydro Overview

·         Harnessing the Water

·         Turbine Basics

·         Electrical System Basics

·         Hydro in a Power System

·         Day-to-Day Operations

·         Natural Resource Stewardship: Instream Flows, Fish Passage, and Dam Effects on Water Quality

·         How Projects are Regulated

·         International Regulatory Issues

·         Communicating Hydro's Value


TW Sullivan: Willamette Falls Project Technical Tour

This Technical Tour is a part of the Waterpower Hydro Basics Course, but is only available to the first 30 people to register for the tour. If you are interested in participating in this tour please specifiy that you would like to attend when prompted.  

Date: Monday, July 13, 2015

Time: 3:00- 6:00 PM

Facility: 46-MW T.W. Sullivan

Cost: Included in the Waterpower Hydro Basics Course Fee - Click here for Details

*Limited to first 30 registrants
Register by: Sunday, July 12, 2015

The 46-MW T.W. Sullivan powerhouse, on the Willamette River in Willamette Falls, was built in 1895 and contains 13 turbine-generator units. The facility operates as run-of-river and contains a flow-control structure to help pass juvenile salmonids. T.W. Sullivan was inducted into Hydro Review's Hydro Hall of Fame in 1995 and was certified by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute in 2008.


steering committee

Course Chair:

Blake Rothfuss, P.E., D.WRE
Jacobs Associates
Committee Members:

Jennifer Hill, PHD
Chief, Northwest Branch-Hydro Licensing, Office of Energy Projects
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Mark W. Killgore, PE, D. WRE, F. ASCE
Director, Raise the Bar
American Society of Civil Engineers
Patrick March
Principal Consultant
Hydro Performance Processes Inc.

course agenda


Instructor: Blake Rothfuss, Principal, Jacobs Associates, and Waterpower Hydro Basics Course Chair

Attendees will build a solid foundation of hydro basics and facts:
• What Nature Gives Us
• How Hydroelectric Power Is Captured
• Multiple Purpose Uses:
    o Energy
    o Water Supply
    o Irrigation
    o Recreation
    o Navigation
    o Flood Control
• Environmental Considerations
• New Technologies (Including, Ocean and In-Stream)
You’ll also receive an introduction to the hydro industry, including:
• Hydro Development and Potential
• Overview of Industry Players
• Current Issues
• Discussion Q&A



Session Leader: Ken Hostler, Executive Vice President, Hydro Consulting & Maintenance Services
Instructor: Paul Blaszcyk, Vice President, MWH

• Hydraulic Design of a Project, including:
    o Dams (including brief description of different types, e.g., rockfill, earthen, hydraulic fill, RCC)
    o Spillways and Outlet Works
    o Gates and Heavy Steel Structures
    o Penstocks, Tunnels, Canals and Flumes
    o Approach and Tailrace Channels
• Discussion Q&A



Session Leader: Phil Hoover, President, H&M Engineering
Instructor: Bob Rittase, Chief Hydraulic Engineer, Weir American Hydro

• Hydro Turbine Overview (Include a brief, basic discussion on which types of turbines are optimal for  certain flows and heads and on advanced designs for environmental improvements).
    o Performance Curves
    o Cavitation
    o What’s New



Session Leader: Phil Hoover, President, H&M Engineering
Instructor: Kermit Paul, Consulting Mechanical Engineer

• Generators (Fixed Speed, Variable Speed and Emerging Technology)
• Governors
• Controls
• Excitation
• Balance of Plant
• Breakers
• Transformers
• Discussion Q&A



Session Leader: Andy Sheppard, Project Manager-Hydro Optimization, Southern Company
Instructor: Francis Halpin, Power Operations Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration

Learn the nuts and bolts of hydropower production as compared to other types of generation, including steam (nuclear and fossil), combustion turbine, and wind. Explore how to:
• Optimize the use of generation sources to meet normal system requirements
• Take advantage of the capability of hydro units during abnormal system
operations (including black start and under- and over-frequency capabilities)
• Adjust for changes to operating patterns brought about by integration of
non-traditional power sources
• Discussion Q&A



Session Leader: Andy Sheppard, Project Manager-Hydro Optimization, Southern Company
Instructor: Kenneth Odom, Senior Engineer, Southern Company

Gain an insider’s view of the critical on-the-ground perspective:
• Role of the Project Operator (includes safety, environmental, and maintenance)
• Challenges, Including Compliance Requirements and Spill Requirements
• Discussion Q&A


T.W. Sullivan Hydro Plant Technical Tour


Natural Resource Stewardship: Instream Flows and Fish Passage

Session Leader: Mike Sale, Executive Director, Low Impact Hydropower Institute
Instructor: Stephen Amaral, Senior Fisheries Biologist, Alden Research Laboratory

• Multiple Uses of Rivers
• Trade-offs
• Environmental Considerations
    o Fish
    o Dissolved Oxygen and Dissolved Gas
    o Temperature
    o Water Quality
    o Environmental/Ecological/Instream Flows
• Discussion and Q&A


How Projects Are Regulated in the U.S.

Session Leader: Mike Sale, Executive Director, Low Impact Hydropower Institute
Instructor: Emily Carter, Environmental Biologist, Division of Hydro Licensing, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

• National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA)
• Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
• U.S. Federal Projects
• Discussion and Q&A


International Regulatory Issues

Session Leader: Mark Kilgore, Director, Raise the Bar, American Society of Civil Engineers
Instructor: Kevin Young, President, Young Energy Services

• Understanding the big picture with regard to international regulatory issues
• Discussion and Q&A



Session Leader: Blake Rothfuss, Principal, Jacobs Associates, and Waterpower Hydro Basics Course Chair
Instructor: Randy Stearnes, Community Relations Officer, Tacoma Power

• Sharing examples of successful communication of hydropower’s role and/or value with:
    o School Children
    o Communities
    o Media or Environmental Groups
    o Policy-makers
• Discussion and Q&A


Course Wrap-up and Preview to HydroVision International 2015

Session Leader: Blake Rothfuss, Lead Associate, Jacobs Associates, and Waterpower Hydro Basics Course Chair

• Receive your course completion certificate
• Complete course evaluation
• Informally dialogue with other course participants
• Integrate Hydro Basics with upcoming Hydro Vision International program

Become a Supporter

The Waterpower Hydro Basics Course is  organized by the Hydro Training Institute.
This institute is a group of people in the industry who realize there’s an urgent need to provide basic information about the various aspects of hydro to individuals who are new to the market – either right out of college or experienced professionals but new to hydro. The members of the institute have volunteered to put in time and effort to develop a special course designed to meet the needs of educating and training individuals new to the industry.
Because of all the retirements that are occurring in the hydro industry, the need for training courses like the Waterpower Hydro Basics Course is extremely important.
The institute is seeking financial assistance to aid in its training and education efforts. Two levels of support are available:

Level 1 – ‘Institute’ Supporter: $2,500
Level 2 – ‘Basics’ Supporter: $450

To learn more contact:
Amy Shinkle
Ph: 1.918.832.9360

Hydropower Glossary

Need a dictionary of hydro terms?  The “Hydropower Glossary” is a great reference.

This booklet provides definitions of 300 terms commonly used in the hydroelectric industry. It’s a “must have” for all hydro professionals!

To order the booklet, contact Foster Printing:; 1-866-879-9144 or click here for the order form.

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