What's New in 2019 @ HydroVision


Our industry’s biggest event is still five months away—but we’re already excited about what’s new this year.

For conventional hydro and marine energy professionals, there’s nothing else like HydroVision International. It is far and away the most anticipated event of the year. Engineers, plant operators, executives and other hydro-professionals turn into proverbial kids on Christmas morning for three days every July (Christmas in July?). From across the nation and around the world, 3,000-plus professionals come together in Portland to meet old friends, make new ones, rub shoulders with decision-makers, geek out over the coolest tech, and glean wisdom from our heroes in hydro-energy. Oh, and enjoy great coffee...it is in Portland, after all.

Just talking about it gets us excited. You’re probably the same way. So we know the question on everybody’s minds—what’s new? While we can’t give away everything that’s new this year (sorry, you’ll have to wait for July 23-25), we can share some of our favorite details. Here’s what’s new at HydroVision International in 2019!



Networking is huge at HydroVision. But we get it, not everybody likes it. That’s cool. Networking doesn’t have to be walking up to complete strangers and passing out business cards. To improve the networking experience, we’re thrilled to introduce our MATCH! Program. There are two parts to it: HydroVision Elite and MATCH! Exhibitors. HydroVision Elite members enjoy a personalized meeting agenda designed to introduce them to the new suppliers and also concierge style amenities on the exhibit floor, while MATCH! Exhibitors get guaranteed matchmaking with key influencers from power producers who are engaged in the production of electricity, and actively sourcing products and services (i.e. HydroVision Elite members). See how to sign up. 


The sharing of ideas, innovation and technology is critical to the future of our industry. For this reason, we’re thrilled to introduce our all-new Knowledge Hubs. These educational and engaging sessions cover trending topics that are mission-critical to industry professionals: Energy Storage and Grid Issues; Learning From Case Studies; and Technology Horizons. Best part? These exhibit hall sessions are free and open to all attendees. We have a lot more details on these sessions, so stay tuned for future posts and learn more here.


Learning from industry experts while earning your Professional Development Hours (PDH) credit hours has always been a key part of the HydroVision experience. This year we’re taking a deep dive into the nine following topics: Civil Works & Dam Safety; Energy Storage; Equipment & Technology; Market Trends & Asset Strategy; New Development; Operations & Maintenance; Policies & Regulations; Water & Environment; and Water Management & Movement. View Summit tracks today.


Learn from industry leaders during this roundtable discussion. Executives from a variety of power-producing companies will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing hydropower generation and markets. You know how they say, “Where do see yourself in 10 years?” Learn from these guys and one day you may be up there with them!


Take an exclusive technical tour of three hydroelectric facilities in the Pacific Northwest. We’re offering in-the-field access to the Bonneville Lock and Dam and Dalles Hydroelectric Facilities, the Lewis River: Merwin Dam, and an Irrigation Hydro tour showcasing innovative uses of hydro generation. Space is limited, so save your spot

HydroVision keeps getting bigger and better. 2019 will be no exception. In fact, this event is shaping up to be our best ever. You don’t want to miss it! In the meantime, be sure to check back here often for news, insights and updates on the event, and the hydropower industry.

See you in Portland.