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Hydroelectricity is second in the state of North Carolina as a Renewable Generating Technology

  • Hydroelectric power dates back to 1898 in the U.S. State of North Carolina and is its original renewable generating technology.
  • According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, hydroelectric power is the second-largest source of renewable electricity in North Carolina and accounted for about 5% of the state’s total generation in 2020.
  • Most of North Carolina’s about 40 utility-scale hydroelectric dams with about 2,000 MW of generating capacity are found in the mountainous area in the western two-thirds of the state


4,529,000 MWh of Conventional Hydropower

Hydro is 3% of total energy

35,936,000 MWh of Total Renewable Energy

Hydro is 13% of Renewable Energy

63 Total Powered Dams

hydro dam

See What's Coming

  • Hydropower capacity will need to double by 2050 to hit Net Zero Emission goals
  • Over 1,300GW of NEW hydropower capacity will be needed by 2050
  • More than 500GW of hydropower installations are in the pipeline worldwide
  • Renewable energy sources, especially hydropower, will be the locomotive of carbon-free policy
  • Hydropower represents around 16% of global electricity production, more than all other renewables combined 
  • Hydropower avoids up to four billion tonnes of additional GHG emissions annually 
  • By 2030, over half the world’s existing hydropower capacity is expected to have undergone, or be due for, modernization, bringing in new and smarter technologies

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