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Make Your Request Successful

Unlock your toolkit to justify your attendance at HYDROVISION — a must-attend event for hydro industry innovators like you. Discover valuable insights, connect with waterpower professionals, and conquer challenges together.

How do you convince your Board of its immense value? Let this toolkit be your secret weapon to prove that this electrifying event is a game-changer for you and your organization. Power up your pitch and get ready for a life-changing experience at HYDROVISION!

Tips and Tricks             How to Justify Attendance             View Justification Letter

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Tips and Tricks

Tips lined out to help secure manager approval for HYDROVISION International®:

  • Highlight tangible returns your attendance will bring to the organization
  • Offer to present your newfound knowledge and insights to colleagues, maximizing benefits across the unit
  • Share agenda and conference proceedings with your team post-event
  • Remind your supervisor of the 10 Professional Development Hours
  • Present a solid plan for coverage while you're at the conference
  • Reduce hotel expenses by proposing to share a room with a roommate
  • Check attendee registration for packages at the best rates that apply to you

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Justify Your Attendance

Let's dive into the art of resource allocation.

When proposing any investments, there are two vital components to consider:

  • Expense
  • Return on Investment (ROI)


To start, let's tackle conference expenses. Before justifying the allocation, use the Expenses Worksheet provided to calculate and estimate the costs for attending the conference. Now that the data is lined out, we can make informed decisions that power up our organization's success! 

Expense Guideline Cost
Conference Registration Check out registration packages for the best pricing $
Flight Check a web travel service to get a quick estimate $
Lodging Check for exclusive hotel rates/room blocks $
Transportation: Airport to Hotel If flying: taxi? car rental? $
Transportation: Hotel to Airport If flying: taxi? car rental? $
Mileage Reimbursement Use online driving distance (Apple Maps, Google Maps etc.) to calculate distances, then multiply miles by 56.5 cents/mile (IRS standard for 2013) $
Parking Reimbursement at airport for flight departure, or at hotel where conference is located $
Food Conference usually breakfast and/or lunch, plus breaks $
subtotal $ $
total number of employees going Check the website for group rate options  
= total $  


Unlock the Value

While the networking value is immeasurable, it's crucial to present concrete payback for the investment. When proposing conference approvals, focus on what you'll bring back to the organization. Identify specific session content relevant to your work, including tools, technologies, and processes.

  • Explore vendor contacts to assess tools for potential future business.
  • Seek out training sessions with immediate benefits for your team and workshops to overcome industry challenges.
  • Emphasize the potential for building client relationships and securing future projects.

Although some benefits are hard to quantify, showcasing the conference's tangible returns ensures a solid investment for your organization. Let's make attendance to HYDROVISION a success for everyone involved!

The Art of Selling

Once you've identified the valuable knowledge benefits and outlined the expenses and returns, it's time to seal the deal. Just like skilled salespeople, don't leave your manager guessing the value of your proposal — make it crystal clear for them.

Showcase the concrete benefits, highlight the invaluable insights you'll bring back through education, and emphasize the networking potential. Paint a compelling picture of how this investment will elevate our organization's success. Ace the sales pitch and secure the green light for an electrifying experience at the conference!

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HYDROVISION Justification Letter

Download Justification Letter

Request for Approval

Dear [Recipient's Name], 

I am writing to request approval for my attendance at HYDROVISION International®, the leading hydroelectric power industry conference and exhibition, scheduled to take place from July 15-18, 2024, in Denver, Colorado. As an active participant in the hydroelectric sector, I believe that attending this esteemed event will bring significant benefits to our organization and my professional growth.  

Justification for Attendance: 

  • High-Value Educational Content: HYDROVISION International® offers cutting-edge presentations, workshops, and technical sessions by industry experts, covering crucial topics such as technology advancements, project management, environmental sustainability, and regulatory updates. 

  • Networking Opportunities: The event provides a platform to network with industry peers, professionals, and stakeholders, opening doors to potential collaborations and business opportunities. 

  • Access to Industry Exhibitors: I will have the chance to evaluate the latest products, equipment and technologies offered by leading companies, facilitating informed decision-making for potential investments. 

  • Professional Development: Participation offers opportunities to earn PDHs, enhancing my skills and knowledge base. 

  • Knowledge Sharing and Innovation: I can share our organization's successes and innovative practices, positioning us as industry leaders and fostering collaboration. 

  • Market Intelligence: Staying updated on trends and regulatory developments will help identify challenges and opportunities for strategic decision-making. 

Below is a cost breakdown. I would like to book travel as soon as possible to get the best price.  

Registration: __________ 

Estimated Airfare: __________  

Hotel: __________   

Misc/Dinners: __________  

Total cost of __________.  

I kindly request approval to attend HYDROVISION International®, confident that this experience will contribute significantly to our organization's growth and competitive advantage.  


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