Attendee Testimonials

“As a first year attendee this has been so valuable just to cultivate our relationships that we have with our clients, and have a forum where we can talk collectively and cohesively about all of the issues that we see in hydro. I think it’s just valuable for anyone in our industry to be here.”

— Brandi Reilly, HDR

“It’s absolutely exceeded my expectations because it’s hard to really gauge the effectiveness of it, but I know that just from the people that I’ve met today and yesterday, and with the networking opportunity that HydroVision’s enabled me to meet other people. I think that those opportunities are going to probably show themselves in the future.”

— Chris Varnell, Cianbro Corporation

“You should be here. You should be here and participate in the discussions. Bring some of your concerns as well so that others are aware of what’s happening. We’re all busy with our everyday work, but when you come here you’ll really be able to put that away, and really dive in with some of the real time dynamics on the field, right, all the operators being here and the engineers. That’s really great.”

— Duc Duy Tran, ABB

“I have been attending HydroVision every year since 2005. I find each year to be more fulfilling than the year before it, often like a catalyst or chain reaction that invigorates and energizes those who work in the industry. The conference brings those working in the hydropower and energy community together to a single location and time. This collection of professionals provides for the makings of the most valuable week of the year for many of us to be able to celebrate our successes, share our challenges, collaborate on new ways to advance the industry, and build on our relationships.”

— John Etzel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers