July 14-16, 2020 | Minneapolis Convention Center | Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

HYDROVISION International is now accepting abstract submittals for the 2020 conference program. Submit your abstract by August 28, 2019, and take advantage of the opportunity to share your insight with more than 3,000 hydro colleagues and to become a prospective participant in this exciting conference!



Topics of interest to the HYDROVISION International conference audience include, but are not limited to, the following:

Civil Works and Dam Safety

  • Civil/Dams/Dam Safety
  • Construction/Construction Management
  • Flood Protection
  • Water Conveyances (Canals, Controls, Gates, Penstocks, Spillways, Valves)

Energy Storage (including Pumped Storage)

  • Hybrid Systems (Hydro and Battery Storage)
  • Pumped Storage

Equipment and Technology

  • Auxiliary Equipment and Controls
  • Bearings/Oil/Lubricants
  • Computer Models
  • Engineering/Design/Design Tools
  • Generators/Transformers/Electrical
  • Innovative Ideas/New Technology/Research and Development
  • Instrumentation and Control (Protection, Automation, Governors, SCADA)
  • Turbines

Marine Energy

  • Development Opportunities
  • Governmental Policies
  • Ocean Wave and Tidal and Hydrokinetic Power

Market Trends and Asset Strategies

  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Business Issues/Planning/Forecasting
  • Country Reports/Regional Briefings
  • Economics/Finance/Incentives/Non-Power Issues
  • Grid Issues and Grid Integration
  • Procurement Specifications
  • Rehabilitation/Upgrading/Uprating
  • Risk Assessment
  • Wind/Solar-Hydro Integration

New Development (including Small Hydro)

  • Development Opportunities, Incentives and Constraints
  • Small Hydro

Operations and Maintenance

  • Dam Removal/Project Decommissioning
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Modifying Hydro Operations for Climate Change
  • Monitoring/Measuring/Condition Monitoring
  • Operations
  • Performance Testing/Flow Measurement
  • Power System Stability/Reliability
  • Safety/Occupational Safety and Health/Public Safety
  • Security and Access
  • Transmission Issues/Constraints
  • Workforce Staffing/Training

Policies and Regulations

  • FERC licensing
  • State and federal regulations

Water and Environment (including Social Issues)

  • Basin-Wide Planning
  • Climate Change and Variability/Extreme Events
  • Cultural and Social Issues/Resettlement
  • Endangered Species
  • Fish Habitat/Instream Flow
  • Fish Passage/Protection
  • Forecasting (Snowpack, Streamflow)
  • Hydraulics/Hydrology
  • Reservoir Emissions/Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Sediment and Erosion Management
  • Shoreline and Land Management/Recreation
  • Tools for Environmental Optimization
  • Tribal/Indigenous Peoples Perspectives
  • Water Quality and Temperature
  • Water Resources Management



Selection Process:
The HYDROVISION International 2020 Conference Planning Committee is composed of seasoned professionals working in all sectors of the hydro market. This committee will carefully review all abstracts submitted by the August 28, 2019, deadline, with the ultimate goal of forming highly educational and informative technical papers sessions that address topical and timely hydro-related issues.

All abstracts will be evaluated on the strength of the submission, including content matter, market trends and relevance of the material. The committee will give preference to abstracts that include project owner/developer representation. Consultants and manufacturers may submit abstracts of a non-commercial nature, but blatant commercial sales pitches will not be accepted for presentation.

Abstracts will be graded by the committee on the following questions:

  • Is the abstract relevant to the industry now or in the near future?
  • Is the abstract clear, concise and effective?
  • Is the abstract objective?
  • Is the abstract technically sound?
  • Will this abstract stimulate discussion and/or encourage attendance at a conference session?

Notification: All primary contacts will be notified via email no later than Jan. 10, 2020, as to whether or not their proposed HYDROVISION International abstract has been selected. The presenting author for all selected abstracts will be invited to either make a Technical Paper Presentation or a Poster Gallery Presentation at HYDROVISION International.


Participation Requirements:

Submit a presentation and/or manuscript to conference management for inclusion in the Online Access to Conference Papers and Presentations – Deadline: May 29, 2020

Register for the conference. A Speaker Registration includes: Exhibit Hall Access, Keynote, Conference Sessions (14 PDHs), Delegate Lunches, Exhibit Hall Receptions, Thursday Evening Party and Online Access to Conference Papers and Presentations. Register for the conference by May 29, 2020

Submit a signed Speaker Agreement and Materials Release Form, due immediately upon receipt of acceptance notification.

The speaker must be present and have a registration for the conference in order to present your paper (or one of the authors has to be present) and to have the paper published in the Online Access to Conference Papers and Presentations.

Co-authors are encouraged to attend HYDROVISION International, and we will gladly include their names in the online conference program. They are responsible for their own conference registration, hotel accommodations and other conference-related expenses.


Step-by-Step Guide for Developing and Submitting an Abstract

Step 1: Choose a topic from the list of suggestions included in this brochure or propose your own hydro-related topic.

Step 2: Develop a well-written, concise synopsis of your proposed presentation topic that addresses key points, not to exceed 4,000 characters in length.             

Step 3: Submit your abstract at www.hydroevent.com - click on Online Abstract Submittal Form located under the Conference tab. (Abstracts that are not submitted through this method cannot be considered.)

Please fill out all appropriate fields; the abstract submission process will not be completed without including all required information.

  • State whether the topic has been previously presented and, if so, when and at what conference.
  • Indicate the topic categories for which the topic would best be suited.
  • Include complete name, title, company, address, telephone, fax, e-mail and a short biography for all authors.
  • Identify the author who will present the paper at the conference.
  • You must click on the Submit Abstract button in order for us to receive your abstract.

Once the abstract has been submitted, an automatic email response will be sent to the submitter confirming HYDROVISION International conference management has received it. Please retain this email for your records.

The conference sessions are organized into multiple concurrent tracks and are tentatively titled:

  • Civil Works and Dam Safety
  • Energy Storage (including Pumped Storage)
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Marine Energy
  • Market Trends and Asset Strategies
  • New Development (including Small Hydro)
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Policies and Regulations
  • Water and Environment (including Social Issues)

When you submit your abstract, you will be required to select one of the above-listed tracks.        


QUESTIONS or SUBMISSION Problems, contact:

Andrea Harner, Conference Manager

Phone: +1-918-831-9560

Email: andrea.harner@clarionevents.com

Call for participants in the Panel Presentation Sessions

In addition to the technical paper sessions, HYDROVISION International features panel presentation sessions divided into eight broad categories:

  • Civil Works and Dam Safety
  • Energy Storage (including Pumped Storage)
  • Marine Energy
  • Market Trends and Asset Strategies
  • New Development (including Small Hydro)
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Policies and Regulations
  • Water and Environment (including Social Issues)

These sessions do not involve a formal presentation but rather consist of an interactive panel discussion format, where speakers address various aspects of a specific topic primarily by fielding questions from the audience.

If you are interested in being considered as a speaker in one of these sessions at HYDROVISION International 2020, please select one or two topic areas from the above list that best fit your expertise and submit them with your name, title, company affiliation, mailing address, phone number, email and a short biography to andrea.harner@clarionevents.com by Sept. 27, 2019. This could be your opportunity to provide expertise and interact with the audience in lively discussion on some hot topics.

Requirements for speakers participating in a panel discussion include confirming participation and registering as a speaker for HYDROVISION International 2020. PowerPoint presentations are not required but are highly recommended.

If there is interest from the session moderators in recruiting you as a panelist, you will be contacted.




Elizabeth Ingram