Knowledge Hubs



All NEW in 2019, we’ve developed educational sessions that will take place in the exhibit hall. These micro-sessions are open to all HydroVision International attendees. Visit the three Knowledge Hubs located throughout the exhibit hall, with sessions taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The Knowledge Hubs are organized into the following categories:

Energy Storage and Grid Issues

This is your chance to learn more about the grid of the future and hot topics in this area, including microgrids, pumped storage hydropower, batteries, integration of hydro with other renewables, and power system stabilization technologies.

Learning from Case Studies

What are your peers doing to deal with various challenges that may arise? Get the in-depth details on such topics as operations and maintenance, rehabilitation, modernization, workforce diversity, dam safety and more.

Technology Horizons

The industry's horizons are expanding, and new technologies are leading the way. Enjoy sessions on the next level for many technologies, such as virtual reality, advanced manufacturing, digitalization, drones and the latest apps.

Content and micro-sessions for the Knowledge Hubs are currently being developed. When the content becomes available, this page will be updated to include links to all micro-sessions.