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Opening keynote session

HydroVision International Keynote

Tuesday June 26, 2018 | 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

All attendees are encouraged to come. Let's pack the house and listen to top industry experts discuss the latest rends and topics imapcting the industry.

Welcome address by: Marla Barnes, Group Publisher, Hydro Review

Featured speakers

Arshad Mansoor

Arshad Mansoor

Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Arshad Mansoor is responsible for EPRI’s portfolio of R&D and demonstration programs, spanning all sources of generation, power delivery and utilization and the environment.

EPRI is recommitted to performing work in the hydroelectric industry and is tackling large systemic issues, such as the valuation of hydropower and flexible operations.

He will discuss the issue of valuation of hydro, as well as the broader concept of an integrated energy network.




Regis Repko Duke Energy

Regis Repko

Senior Vice President and Chief Fossil-Hydro Officer

Regis Repko is responsible for the operations of Duke Energy’s regulated fossil and hydropower generation fleet in six states.

Duke Energy – one of the largest energy holding companies in the U.S. – is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. Its Electric Utilities and Infrastructure business unit serves about 7.5 million customers in six states in the southeast and Midwest areas of the U.S.

Repko will discuss the value and role Duke Energy’s hydroelectric plants play in the company’s long-term mission to provide sustainable energy to the company’s 2.5 million customers in the Carolinas.




Todd Semonite Corps of Army Engineers

Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite

54th Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

LTG Semonite advises the Secretary of the Army and other Principal Officials on matters related to general, combat and geospatial engineering/ construction, real property, public infrastructure and natural resources science and management.

As the USACE Commanding General, he is responsible for nearly 34,000 civilian employees and 750 military personnel who provide project management, construction support and science and engineering expertise in more than 110 countries.

USACE is America's largest single producer of hydropower. As the primary agency for federal water resources development and management in the U.S., the Corps has played a significant role in meeting the nation's power needs by building and operating hydropower plants in connection with its large multiple-purpose dams. LTG Semonite will discuss how the Corps continues to support hydroelectric power generation in the current and future operational environment. Political, economic, security, infrastructure, and environmental systems impacting hydropower will be discussed in addition to the Corps' response to the recent spate of hurricanes, floods, and mudslides in close succession.