Marketing Tools to Promote Your Session

Fill Your Session Seats!

Whether you are a speaker, panelist, poster presenter, moderator, session chair or co-author, we are thrilled to have you presenting at HydroVision International 2015! We would like to provide you with complimentary marketing tools to promote your session to YOUR contacts. With our marketing efforts and yours combined, we will be sure to fill your session seats!

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Email Template

Customize this email template with your session details and invite your colleagues to attend your session at HydroVision International.


Event Logo

As a conference participant of one of our events, we encourage you to use our logo to promote your involvement and support of the event. The event logo is available for your website, eNewsletters, print ads, email, brochures, etc.


Social Media Involvement

Engage yourself in the HydroVision International social channels. HydroVision International is involved in LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Don't just follow us, but get involved in conversations and post information about your session. Encourage attendance to YOUR session - provide followers with an 'insiders' look at what will be discussed.

  • LinkedIn is a perfect avenue for you to engage fellow hydro professionals and start conversations before you even get to the event. We encourage you to post questions, ideas and industry hot topics to our HydroVision International Group.
  • Tweet about your session/s on our Twitter page and use the HydroVision International hashtag - #hydrovision
  • 'Like' us on Facebook and share your updates on our wall and use our hashtag - #hydrovision
  • Post details or updates about your session and link them back to your session details on the conference page on your personal social sites
  • Retweet/Share/Repost from the HydroVision social channels to yours
  • Images are KEY - Post images of yourself speaking. Download the Registration Banner Ads below and post them on your channels as an image

Get Involved Today!


Banner Ads

Promote your involvement by using our banner ads on your websites or eNewsletters.

Select the appropriate size for your website and link it to the HydroVision International 'REGISTER' page (copy and paste this link:

Questions or issues using the marketing tools above? Please contact Brandon Townsdin at