Connect With Others!

Get in contact with all attendees, all-in-one place

Here's How to Get Connected:

  1. Click on "Start Connecting" box above
  2. In the Log In box, type in your email address (same one you used to register for this event)
  3. In the Log In box, type in the password you used when you registered.  If you don't remember your password, click "Reset Password"
  4. Click the blue Log In button
  5. You may be prompted to Verify your Profile Information / Demographic Responses.
    If so, take a few minutes to update your profile.
  6. Start connecting!

With This New Tool, You Can:

  • Search for a specific individual to see if he/she is registered for this event
  • View information about a particular attendee (contact information is kept private)
  • Send an email to a specific person you know is attending
  • Invite another event attendee to meet with you
  • Find other attendees with interests and job functions similar to yours