Some concepts are most effectively communicated through a visual presentation. In addition, highly specialized topics often are better suited to small group or one-on-one discussions. The HYDROVISION International® conference organizers selected papers that fit these categories for Poster Gallery presentations. Poster presenters put the work on display for conference delegates to review throughout the day.

During the designated time periods for the poster gallery sessions, poster authors gather in the Poster Gallery area to meet attendees and explain their work. Poster displays cover a wide range of topics, including environmental/social issues, equipment and technology, market trends and strategies, project management and operations, and water management and movement. The poster presenters will be available in person to answer questions and discuss their posters Wednesday, July 13, 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM. Their posters will be available to view until 4:00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, July 14th as well.

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