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Four hand-selected, timely and relevant topical tracks designed to keep your experience organized and productive.

Environment Issues and Water Management 

Owners and operators of hydropower plants and dams face many issues regarding the environment and water management. This track will cover environmental issues, including climate change and fish passage and survival, as well as water management topics and trends, encompassing issues of concern when water is stored and moved from upstream to downstream past the facility.

Who Should Attend: Consultants, Environmental Specialists, Project Owners, Special Interest Group Representatives, Water Resources Attorneys, Water Resource/Watershed Managers

Industry Trends and Analysis 

This track will cover trends in the global hydroelectric power industry and provide an analysis of how these trends affect the business of hydro generation. Sessions could cover such important topics as artificial intelligence, financial issues, digitalization, policies and regulations, and rehabilitation and upgrade work.

Who Should Attend: Attorneys, Business Development Specialists, Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, Generation Managers, Hydroelectric Department Managers (Engineering, Communications, Finance and Human Resources), Managers of Hydroelectric Assets, Project Managers

New Development 

Globally, the trends in new hydropower development vary considerably. This track will address those trends as they vary by region and country and will cover topics related to new greenfield development, pumped storage activity, small hydropower, new generation at non-powered dams, and even add-on generation at existing hydro sites.

Who Should Attend: Business Development Specialists, Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, Project Developers, Project Owners

Operations and Maintenance 

Proper tools and techniques for operating, maintaining, and managing existing hydroelectric facilities are vital to the ongoing success of the industry. As equipment ages and the way these generating assets are operated and dispatched changes at a rapid pace, O&M personnel must stay abreast of the latest and best practices.

Who Should Attend: Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Maintenance Supervisors, O&M Personnel, Operations Supervisors, Plant Managers and Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Specialists, Service Contractors

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