8 hand-selected, timely and relevant topical tracks designed to keep your experience organized and productive. We understand you don't want to leave a single stone unturned. So, here is your first step in prioritizing your list.

Civil Works and Dam Safety

Panel Sessions and Technical Papers

What are the best practices or methods for managing safety issues related to dams and civil structures? Attendees learn from dam owners, managers and regulators about products, programs and approaches, in use today. Explore practical ideas that will help you manage the maintenance or modification of civil components.

Track Chair: Richard Donnelly, Principal Consultant Hatch

Who Should Attend: Civil/Structural Engineers, Consultants, Dam Safety Managers and Regulators, Maintenance Supervisors, Operations Supervisors, Project Managers, Service Contractors

Energy Storage (including Pumped Storage)

Panel Sessions and Technical Papers

Pumped – storage hydropower is the single largest provider of energy storage worldwide in terms of capacity. But other energy storage technologies are entering the limelight. These sessions cover the topic of energy storage, including how conventional hydro and pumped storage fit in from a variety of perspectives.

Track Chair: T.J. Heibel, Water Power Program Manager, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Who Should Attend: Business Development Specialists, Consultants, Electricity Supply Regulators, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, General Managers, Independent System Operators, Managers of Hydroelectric Assets, Project Developers, Project Managers

Equipment and Technology

Technical Papers

The technical papers presented in this track will focus on all things equipment, such as controls, bearing, generators, turbines, instrumentation and more. In addition, speakers cover innovative ideas, and new technology.

Track Chair: Steve Poteet, Senior Project Manager, HDR

Who Should Attend: Electrical Engineers, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Mangers of Hydroelectric Assets, Mechanical Engineers, O&M Personnel, Project Owners, Safety Specialists, Technical Staff

Market Trends and Asset Strategies

Panel Sessions

Significant changes in the global marketplace are affecting hydropower generation, development and management. Seasoned managers share challenges brought about by market trends, along with lessons learned and new insights to arrive at sound, profitable solutions to asset management challenges.

Track Chair: John Etzel, Deputy Director, Hydroelectric Design Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Who Should Attend: Attorneys, Business Development Specialists, Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, General Managers, Hydroelectric Department Managers (Engineering, Communications, Finance and Human Resources), Managers of Hydroelectric Assets, Project Managers

New Development (including Small Hydro)

Panel Sessions

Where do promising new opportunities for hydroelectric development exist? Whay types of development approaches can serve as successful models for emerging hydro throughout the world? These sessions examine the major forces that are moving new hydro forward and explore solutions to the challenges faced along the way.

Track Chair: Norman A. Bishop, Senior Executive Project Engineer, Knight Piesold and Co.

Who Should Attend: Business Development Specialists, Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Financiers/Lenders/Insurers, Project Developers, Project Owners

Operations and Maintenance

Panel Sessions and Technical Papers

Every aspect of hydro plant operations and maintenance contributes to its success. Hydropower’s most innovative and progressive O&M managers share their approaches to cutting costs, improving equipment longevity and performance, and increasing worker safety.

Track Chair: Tom Brittain, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Black and Veatch

Who Should Attend: Consultants, Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers, Maintenance Supervisors, O&M Personnel, Operations Supervisors, Plant Managers and Superintendents, Project Managers, Safety Specialists, Service Contractors

Policies and Regulations

Panel Sessions

Experts share their perspectives on policy and regulatory initiatives in their regions. The track offers perspectives from throughout the world on hydro policy, with some sessions that focus specifically on U.S. hydro policies and regulations. Attendees learn licensing requirements and strategies to help them navigate the licensing process quickly and efficiently.

Track Co-Chairs: Steve Layman, Principal Consultant, Kleinschmidt and Kevin Young, President, Young Energy Services

Who Should Attend: Attorneys, Business Managers, Compliance Managers, Consultants, Electricity Supply Regulators, Financiers, Hydro General Managers, Independent System Operators, Owners of Hydroelectric Assets, Regulators, Resource Agency Representatives, Tribal Representatives

Water and Environment (including Social Issues)

Panel Sessions and Technical Papers

The allocation and management of water resources is complex. Experts provide solutions to challenges and share insights about water resource negotiations, the importance of climate change, and new tools for reservoir management.

Track Chair: Michael E. Murphy, Vice President, Hydropower, TRC Solution

Who Should Attend: Consultants, Environmental Specialists, Project Owners, Special Interest Group Representatives, Water Resources Attorneys, Water Resource/Watershed Managers