Attendee Connections

Is a Pre-planning meeting schedule tool: that allows you to search, connect and meet with other attendees.

One of the goals of many attendees & exhibitors is to catch up with old colleagues, meet people with similar interests and connect with attendees from across the globe. 

This year, HydroVision International has put the power of an attendee list at your fingertips with our Attendee Connections.

Attendee Connections is a pre-planning tool that allows you to see who is also in attendance and search for people you are interested in connecting with. Once you find who you’re looking for, you can easily message them and arrange a time to meet all through the free tool. 

Attendee Connections is easy and intuitive to use. Below are steps on how to get started using the free meeting tool. REMINDER, this tool should be used before getting to HydroVision. That way your schedule of meetings is ready to go when you arrive. Your message does not go directly into an inbox. The person you are messaging needs to log into the meeting scheduling to get your meeting request.

Two options to access the free meeting tool, either through your desktop or through the HydroVision event app.

To access the free tool on your desktop, click this link
Then, enter your personal access code you received the Jublia  HydroVision Concierge Don’t know your personal access code? You can either message Lynne Shane at lynne.shane@clarionevents or stop by the HydroFest Booth #7013 onsite at HydroVision.

To access the free meeting scheduling tool through the HydroVision app, follow the steps below:
STEP 1: Download the HydroVision App 
- Search “HydroVision” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to locate this year’s event app.
Or use the links below.

Apple devices:

Android devices:

STEP 2: click on the “Attendee Connections” tile.

STEP 3: Click the link for the Free Meeting Tool (first link on the page)

STEP 4: Enter your personal access code from the Jublia  HydroVision Concierge email you received today.

  • Once logged in recommendations will appear based on your company profile (if provided). If your company profile was not supplied you will see a message ‘Uh-oh! There are no recommendations for you yet’. You can specify your interests and you will receive recommended relevant profiles. You will then be able to click on ‘Search’ to enter a specific attendee or company name. (Other search options are available and you can search by Attendees, Exhibitors and Visitors and their interests.)


  • Click on the "Meet" button to initiate a meeting request and state your meeting agenda in the short message.
  • Update your basic profile in "Me" page to let others know you better.
  • Do "Confirm" your calendar under your “Schedule”, ‘Time Available’ so that appointments won't be arranged at your unavailable timings, meetings will not be able to be confirmed until you have confirmed your calendar!
  • Click on ‘Search’ to enter a specific attendee or company name. (Other search options are available search by Attendees, Exhibitors and Visitors and their interests.)

Start connecting! You’re in and ready to start growing your circle.