The Impact of Face-to-Face Events

Our focus as tradeshow and enthusiast event organizer is to build strong, long-lasting partnerships with industry stakeholders with the understanding that together we create a successful, productive marketplace.  Now more than ever, our focus turns to our customers as we have an obligation to lead the way for our industry to get back to business and provide you with a safe and productive environment to do business. 

Additionally, the events business has a direct impact on economies and job creation. The events business brings revenue to local economies as Attendees spend money traveling to the location, filling hotel rooms, utilizing local transportation options (taxis, ride sharing, car services, public transportation), and filling local establishments like restaurants and bars.

What if the live event cannot take place?

While we believe in the power of face-to-face events and what they deliver; our focus is on what our customers need now and in the future and how we can deliver the experience to best meet those needs. Our teams are talking with our customers and working on a variety of opportunities to meet the needs of each market we serve including – virtual experiences, webinars, matchmaking of buyers and seller and industry roundtables, virtual product demonstrations, hosted buyer niche events and more. 

Addressing health and safety

Our team is following the government guidelines issued by the CDC and state and local officials with regards to the ongoing situation of the coronavirus/COVID-19.  Ensuring the safety of all exhibitors, attendees and staff at our events is our top priority.

We understand that ensuring exhibitors and attendees feel safe returning to events will be a critical first step in delivering an exceptional experience for you. We are working with  SISO and AEO, two leading event organizer associations to further create new high standards in safety in events.

We are working as a collective industry to enable events and trade shows to open safely by following essential safety guidelines that adhere to the best medically backed scientific practices for the safety and well-being of attendees, once stay at home orders are lifted. Additionally we are working with our travel partners, venues, hotels and the Convention & Visitors Bureaus in the cities our events operate in to protect your health and provide you with a safe and productive environment for you to conduct business. 

Our precautionary measures begin in our event planning stage and continue through your arrival at the event and a post-event review to protect all of our customers with the support of our partners and contractors including:

I. Ensure personnel and personal safety

II. Enablement of physical distancing

III. Increase health and safety measures

IV. Implement crowd control

V. Communication of policies and changes 

We want to help you get back to business through the support of live events while still ensuring you can fully enjoy the face-to-face experience that allows you to feel safe and have a peace of mind.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at

Why the postponement?

Because of COVID19 and the need to minimize potential health risks to those connected to the event, HYDROVISION International has been postponed and will be September 21-23, 2021. In light of both governmental direction and general public health advisories delivering HYDROVISION in its traditional form will not be possible at this time with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government issued guidelines for large gatherings. Moving to Fall 2021 allows us to have more space in order to properly social distance both on the trade show floor and our conference rooms.  

What hotels will be in the block and reserved for which events? 

We are currently working on this. View our travel page  here for more updates.

Will there be onsite health and safety requirements for exhibitors and/or attendees?  

We are still working through this as it changes weekly. We will follow CDC and Local guidelines. We will communicate our plans as we firm them up. We are looking at one way aisles, cleaning surfaces more often, temperature checks, highly recommending masks, sneeze guards at registration, limiting contact at registration etc. 

What if you can’t run the show in fall 2021 because of the Pandemic? 

If we are in jeopardy of still dealing with a pandemic and the environment is not safe we will work with all exhibitor and attendees to find a date that is safe. We are a reputable global event organizer and will always do what it ethically right.