With more than 100 years of combined professional hydro experience, the HYDROVISION International® team is here to make every show better than the last!

We understand the importance of putting names to faces, which is why we created this video gallery so you can get to know our team!

Watch each video to learn more about our favorite onsite memories and what we're looking forward to for 2022!

Leah Steinhardt

Portfolio Director, Generation

" Hydro" Howard Lutzk

Media, Marketing, and Exhibition Consultant

Elizabeth Ingram

Senior Content Director

Sarah Toews

Conference Manager

Zachary Zichi

Utility Program Manager

Ryan Lee

Data Analyst

Brandon Ash

Sr. Art Director / Designer

Sophia Fasano

Marketing Director

Stephanie Mize

Marketing Manager

Allison Brown

Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Cehovsky

Marketing Coordinator

Kelsey Grisham

Senior Event Operations Manager

Breanna Pitts

Manager of Exhibitor Services

Ashley Roina

Director of Audience Engagement

John Luschen

Accountant, Finance

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