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At HYDROVISION, we are dedicated to fostering a cleaner and more sustainable experience throughout every aspect of our operations. Our mission is to drive meaningful change not only through our conference programming but also by incorporating sustainable practices in our event planning processes and onsite operations. Both our team and vendors are fully committed to reducing environmental impacts and promoting social progress at every HYDROVISION event. 


Energy & Efficiency

  • Variable Frequency Drive fans in our HVAC system for increased efficiency
  • Natural Day-lighting used in our Atrium
  • Lighting Level protocol set at 50% for move-in and 25% for cleaning and maintenance
  • 300kw rooftop Solar Array (saved 282 metric tons of CO2 emissions since 2008)

Water Conservation

  • Replaced the grass along 14th Street with native and drought-resistant plants. As a result, 75% less water is used to maintain these areas.
  • All toilets are low flow 1.6 gallons per flush
  • All urinals are low flow 0.5 gallons per flush
  • Cleaning supplies are bio-renewable
  • Water Submeters to allow for accurate monitoring of use
  • Permanent water bottle filling stations are installed at each water fountain to allow for easy use of refillable water bottles

Reduced Printing & Digital Signage

  • We have committed to less paper and printing and replaced with digital options where applicable.
  • Together with our general contractor Freeman, we have consciously chosen signage materials that are recyclable including honeycomb, vinyl, 3M Clings, and fabric.

Environment: Air Quality

Engine’s OFF! anti-idling policy and enforcement:

  • Parking Garage has 3 FREE parking spaces dedicated to Hybrid Vehicles
  • Parking Garage has a parking spot dedicated to electric vehicles with an electric vehicle charger
  • No Smoking Policy: The Colorado Convention Center prohibits smoking inside the building and anywhere within 25’ of doors or air intakes.
  • All full-time convention center employees are provided a free ECO-Pass to encourage use of light rail and bus transportation.
  • Centralized location in downtown Denver, within walking distance of 8000 hotel rooms and 300 restaurants.
  • All vacuum cleaners are equipped with Heppa Filters and micro-fiber clothes are used by Housekeeping Department.

Waste Management Programs

  • Clearly labeled single stream recycling next to every landfill bin.
  • Compost collection for all kitchen items, bathroom paper towels, and yard waste.
  • Front of house compost collection available upon request.
  • Water bottle fill stations located at each water fountain.
  • All food and beverage service ware is compostable.
  • All office paper is 100% post-consumer recycled content.
  • All toilet and tissue paper are 30% post-consumer content.
  • Environmental Preferable Purchasing policy with a focus on bulk packaging.

Colorado Convention Center Sprouts Urban Garden

  • A newly established expansive urban garden has been set up.
  • This urban garden offers a generous 5,000 square feet of space dedicated to cultivation.
  • It houses an array of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and two beehives.
  • The primary objective is to cultivate local produce and flavors, fostering job opportunities and ensuring convenient access to affordable, nutritious food.
  • It is anticipated to yield 1,800 pounds of fruits and vegetables in its inaugural year, with plans for continual expansion in subsequent years.

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