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Here's Your Chance to Win Big!

Thursday, July 18 | 4:00 PM | Booth #801

  • Motorcycle dealerships have very limited inventory and high overhead, so we are unable to acquire the usual Harley motorcycle model for this year’s giveaway
  • Instead, we are providing the same “Passport” system where attendees must stop by your booth, network with your team, generate leads and you validate their passport
  • Attendees can then enter the drawing for 3 (Three) “Hydro Bucks” Instant Cash Prize drawings!
  • Hydro Howard announces this exciting giveaway with our industry at 4 PM in the exhibit hall on Thursday, July 18 at the end of the exhibition

Be a sponsor of the “Hydro Bucks Cash Prize drawing” by contacting Hydro Howard at
Direct 816-377-0733 or!



Sponsored By: 


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Drive Traffic To Your Booth!

As a co-sponsor of HYDROVISION’s Hydro Bucks Cash Prize Drawing, you are guaranteed consistent exhibit hall traffic visits to your booth!  Your logo will be displayed on the official “Harley Giveaway Passport” that all full summit registrations receive with their badge upon arrival at HYDROVISION in Denver. The program consists of these qualified hydro delegates stopping by each participating sponsor’s booth for an introduction and conversation. Once completed, you will stamp their passport to confirm they visited you. Once the passport is completed, delegates can enter the drawing to win at HYDROVISION’s Hydro Bucks Cash Prize Drawing at the end of the exhibition on Thursday, July 17!


Interested in sponsoring the 2024 HYDROVISION’s Hydro Bucks Cash Prize Drawing

Let us know!

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