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Bang for Your Buck – Pairing Existing Hydro with New Energy Storage

July 12, 2023
Energy Storage (including Pumped Storage)

Attend this session to hear a discussion of the benefits of incorporating battery energy storage systems with existing hydroelectric projects.

Technical Presentation: The Black Start Field Demonstration with Idaho Falls Power – Preparation, Lessons Learned and What’s to Come, S M Shafiul Alam, Idaho National Laboratory

Technical Presentation: The Hydro+Storage Optimization Tool: Selecting Energy Storage to Maximize Financial Performance of the Integrated Asset, Yingqian Lin, Idaho National Laboratory

Technical Presentation: Assessing control, performance, and sizing tradeoffs for black starting an integrated energy storage and hydropower system, S M Shafiul Alam, Idaho National Laboratory


Samuel Bockenhauer, Grid Integration Lead, Water Power Technologies Office - US Department of Energy
S M Shafiul Alam, Research Engineer - Idaho National Laboratory
Yingqian Lin, Research Scientist - Idaho National Laboratory

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