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Case Studies of Equipment Upgrades

July 13, 2023
Equipment and Technology

This session will offer case studies of three unique project upgrades completed for hydroelectric facilities.

Technical Presentation: Large Kaplan Rehabilitation Project, Nicolás Diego Japaz, IMPSA

Technical Presentation: How to create value for the company by integrating all predictive maintenance information into a single system called EAMon, Renato Castilho, CTG Brasil

Technical Presentation: Testing Water Lubricated Bearing Materials, Daniel Westerbaan, Hydro Tech

Russell Chetwynd, Service Manager - National Electric Coil
Nicolás Diego Japaz, Head of the Hydraulic Design Group - IMPSA S.A.
Daniel Westerbaan, Research Engineer - Hydro Tech Inc
Renato Castilho, Engineering Manager - CTG Brasil

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