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Grid Stability and Improving Grid Reliability: A New Approach of Hydro Benefits to the Grid

Jul 12, 2023
Market Trends and Asset Strategies

There is an ever increasing need for extreme flexibility within the power grid both regionally and nationally within a country or countries.  Hydropower generation is and should be a major contributor to this flexibility and strategies are discussed here. Generation flexibility tools discussed, along with a focus on new models that could be adapted to a specific power grid.  

Technical Presentation: Hydropower Flexibility Valuation Tool for Flow Requirement Evaluation, Mucun Sun, Idaho National Laboratory

Technical Presentation: Hydropower flexibility to support higher wind and solar contribution to the grid, Thushara De Silva, National Renewable Energy Lab

Technical Presentation: Improving Hydropower Representation in Production Cost Models, Timothy Magee, Center for Advanced Decision Support for Water and Environmental Systems (CADSWES), University of Colorado at Boulder

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