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Inspection and Modeling for Dam Safety

Jul 13, 2023
Civil Works and Dam Safety

Presentations will cover collecting and processing data for structural surveillance and monitoring, as well as the development and validation of models for analysis. This session will discuss real-world dynamic testing of three submerged concrete intake towers and the development of corresponding analysis models and a case study considering the Nyagak hydropower project, a concrete gravity dam.

Technical Presentation: Adding Value Through Test Informed Modeling, Dan Parker, Structural Integrity Associates

Technical Presentation: Frequency of inspections and Monitoring for Hydraulic structures: Case study of Gravity Dam, Kadapawo Gerald Opolot, EAP

Technical Presentation: Water Density Effects on Determination of Piezometric Levels in Earth Dams, Brian Brown, Canary Systems (Co-authors: Daryl Jordan and Darren Olguin, Canary Systems)

Technical Presentation: Revisiting the Garrison Dam spillway and outlet works hydraulic laboratory model using Computational Fluid Dynamics methods, John Wendelbo, MEng MSc, Flow Science

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