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Mitigating Environmental and Social Costs through Water Resource Planning and Management

July 12, 2023
Water and Environment (including Social Issues)

This session showcases innovative approaches to help mitigate the environmental and social costs of hydropower planning and production both in the United States and in India. These case studies offer results, lessons learned and solutions to challenges about fish passage and wildlife screening, environmental planning and management and oxygenation to meet downstream content release requirements. 

Technical Presentation: Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Understand Design Parameter Sensitivities in Pool and Weir Fish Ladder Optimization, John Wendelbo, Flow Science, Inc. 

Technical Presentation: Environmental Aspects of Hydroelectric Projects and Environment Management Measures Taken for Hydroelectric Projects in India, Shiraz Swan, SJVN Limited, A Joint venture of the Government of India and Government of Himachal Pradesh

Technical Presentation: Optimization of Oxygen Injection at Tennessee Valley Authority Douglas Reservoir to meet Downstream Oxygen Content Release requirements, Jeffery Ogden, Tennessee Valley Authority (Co-authors: Boualem Hadjerioua, Mesa Associates, Scott Wells, Portland University, Madison Bowling, Mesa Associates, Bernadel Garstecki, Portland State University (PSU))


Brenda Pracheil, Aquatic Ecologist - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Shiraz Swan, Deputy General Manager - SJVN Limited- A Joint venture of GoI & GoH.P.
Jeffery Ogden, Manager, Water Quality Support - Tennessee Valley Authority
Boualem Hadjerioua, Director - Mesa Associates, Inc
john wendelbo, Director - Flow Science

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