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Operating for Success

Jul 12, 2023
Operations & Maintenance

Operating a hydro plant in the 21st century can be a challenge. Between the new equipment being installed and new operating protocols, it can be tough to keep up. This session will explore new technology and new operating paradigms. You will learn about digital circuit breaker monitoring systems, how to check runout of your exciter brush ring, as well as the ins and outs of operating a private hydro plant that was added to a federal dam.

Technical Presentation: Digital Generator Circuit-Breaker to Optimize Operational Performance of Pumped Storage Plant, Priyanka Gugale, Hitachi Energy

Technical Presentation: High Pump Vibrations resulting from Resonance and flow variations at the pump suction ,the impact and the solutions-Once-Through Cooling Pump as case study, Ekow Baffoe Amamoo, Volta River Authority

Technical Presentation: Effect of run out of Exciter Rings in Hydro Generators on life of Constant Force Springs, Nitin Kulkarni, Helwig Carbon Products Inc

Operations and Maintenance Track Sponsored by: Hitachi Energy

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