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Powerhouse Controls and Critical Ancillary Equipment

July 12, 2023
Equipment and Technology

Turbines and generators aren’t the only components that need attention! This session covers upgrades and refurbishments of the critical ancillary equipment that allows hydro powerhouses to stay up and running.

Technical Presentation: Digital Governor upgrades and its effect on lubricity and cleanliness demands, Axel Wegner, C.C. Jensen

Technical Presentation: Maximizing the Utility of Cranes in Powerplants: Cost Effective Design and Maintenance to be Useful During Outages and Downtime, Benjamin Dunville, Omaha Engineering

Technical Presentation: TBD

Tom Harnetiaux, Vice President of Sales - Basler Electric Company
Axel Wegner, Power Segment Manager & Technical Manager - C.C.JENSEN, Oil Maintenance
Benjamin Dunville, Director, USA - Omaha Engineering

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