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Making a Splash: Exploring the Latest Technologies in Pumped Storage

Jul 13, 2023
Energy Storage (including Pumped Storage)

Join us for an exciting session on the most recent advancements in pumped storage hydropower technology. Speakers will share how new innovations in facility design, construction processes and electromechanical component engineering are transforming the cost, timeline and risk of developing pumped storage projects. Discover how these cutting-edge technologies are enabling the hydropower industry to unlock the full potential of pumped storage.

Technical Presentation: A Review of Proposed New Pumped Storage Concepts and Technology Innovations, Vladimir Koritarov, Argonne National Laboratory

Technical Presentation: Malta Oberstufe - Variable Speed Pumped Storage with Converter Fed Synchronous Machines (CFSM) – Reference project for advanced pumped storage, Steve Aubert, Hitachi Energy Switzerland