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Challenges of Microgrid Deployment in Remote Communities

Jul 17, 2024
Industry Trends and Analysis

Microgrid deployment in remote communities often fails due to environmental challenges, inadequate community engagement, uncertain system ownership, limited local technical expertise, and financial issues. These challenges are more complex when implementing high-potential but low-technology readiness level (TRL) energy technologies like marine energy (ME) in harsh environments such as Alaska. To overcome these hurdles and facilitate the deployment process, we are developing a microgrid planning toolkit tailored for coastal communities. This toolkit will guide community stakeholders through pre-deployment activities, including modeling proposed ME microgrids, evaluating their technoeconomic potential, assessing long-term stability, and implementing community engagement strategies. To achieve this, we're collaborating with the St. George community in Alaska's Aleut/Unangax region. By engaging with the community from the outset, we aim to enhance accuracy of our analysis and create a community-conscious microgrid planning model that prioritizes community values and goals.



Siddharth Pannir, Founder and Engineer - GenH
Mahesh Acharya, Clean Energy Postdoctoral Research Associate - Idaho National Laboratory

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