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Dealing with Regulatory and Environmental Challenges

Jul 17, 2024
Industry Trends and Analysis

Hydropower project developments face a myriad of challenges that can significantly impact their implementation. On the regulatory front, navigating a web of permits, approvals, and compliance requirements poses a formidable obstacle. Local, regional, and national regulations must be considered to ensure adherence to safety standards, land-use regulations, and grid connection requirements. On the environmental side, ensuring sustainable practices is crucial to the ethos of renewable energy. Striking a balance between harnessing clean energy and minimizing ecological impact – such as addressing concerns related to wildlife preservation, land use, and water usage – requires careful planning and mitigation strategies. Successful renewable power projects must proactively engage with regulatory bodies, communities, and environmental stakeholders to address and overcome these multifaceted challenges.

Session Moderated by: Hemant Jain

Hemant Jain, Managing Director & Co-Founder - A2A Energy
Andrew Storfer, CEO - America Energia S.A,
Hugo Yamaguchi, Assessor - São Paulo Sanitation and Energy Regulatory Agency – ARSESP
Girish Behal, Vice President, Projects and Business Development - New York Power Authority
Aaron Levine, Senior Legal and Regulatory Analyst - NREL

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