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Design Challenges faced in Peterson Dam – 100.0ft x 6.0ft Crest Gate

Jul 17, 2024
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Peterson Station, Milton Station, Clark Falls, and Fairfax Falls make up the 21-MW Lamoille Hydroelectric Project on the Lamoille River. The hydropower plant at Peterson has a production capacity of 6.3 MWe from one unit commissioned in 1948. It is operated by Central Vermont Public Service Corp (CVPS). A previously installed crest gate of 100 ft by 6 ft was used to maintain the water level in river. The gate was damaged and was not able to maintain level in river to run the power station at the desired capacity due to lost water head. CVPS has decided to replace the existing structure, and Rodney Hunt was awarded the responsibility of designing, installing, and commissioning a new crest gate.

Nithyanadham Kankoni Vijayakumar, Senior Engineering Manager - Rodney Hunt Inc

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