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Grid Stability and Modernization

Jul 17, 2024
Industry Trends and Analysis

Hydropower and pumped storage play important roles in a power grid with a high renewable share. Future power grid scenario studies explore hydropower's role and the uncertainty of new development. Meanwhile, hydropower operators explore strategies that can integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative business practices to achieve a competitive advantage in the evolving energy market. Modern visualization technologies analyze a plethora of information from the control and communication systems to inform plant operation decisions for evolving power grids.

Session Moderated by: Thushara De Silva

Thushara De Silva, Research engineer - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Stuart Cohen, Senior Energy Analyst - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Lee Ward, Industry Sales Manager - Rockwell Automation
Jonathan Aust, VP of Power Operations for CRSP, DSW and RM Region - Western Area Power Administration (WAPA)

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