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Micro Seismic Resonance (MSR) - A Tool for Mapping Seepage Through, Beneath and Around Dams

Jul 18, 2024
Exhibit Floor Booth 128
KNOWLEDGE HUB Equipment and Technology

A Micro Seismic Resonance (MSR) method has been developed to improve seepage characterization through, beneath, and around dams. MSR is a passive seismic method that detects zones of higher permeability in the foundation and fill materials of a dam. The MSR geophysical method has been used on many dam seepage investigations. Two particular case studies will be presented where seepage flow paths were successfully identified for dams in Canada and the U.S. 

Marlos de Moraes, Project Manager - Hydro Expert - Worley
Ryan Blanchard, Senior Vice President - Willowstick Technologies, LLC

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