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Shutting Down a Project - Decision to Remove 650 MW from Service

Jul 18, 2024
Operations and Maintenance

Manitoba Hydro's Keeyask Generating Station was recently placed in commercial service (2022). A huge island of peat was noted approaching the dam, and efforts were made to remove the island by boat. The decision was made to remove 650 MW (seven units) from service due to the trash racks being blocked with debris after forebay impoundment. The debris was restricting flow, essentially starving the units for water. Efforts were made to try to clean the debris. Clamming was able to clean most of the top debris. Sonar imaging and hand cleaning proved to be the best methods for deep cleaning. All essential services still needed to run while the units were offline. Water flow was maintained through the spillway. The station ran for over 25 days in a derated state.


Vinod Kumar, Manager - SJVN LTD
Alex Muzyczka, Electrical Engineer - Manitob Hydro

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