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Solving Hydropower Complexities and Enhancing Viability

Jul 17, 2024
Exhibit Floor Booth 128
KNOWLEDGE HUB Equipment and Technology

As the availability of easily deployable hydro sites diminishes, the hydroelectric industry faces the challenge of finding innovative and cost-effective solutions. We will delve into these pressing issues, shedding light on strategies to address them effectively. We present new machinery options, out-of-the-box ideas and modern tools to help in the design of hydropower solutions suitable for today's challenging projects. Through case studies and discussions, we'll explore how our approach, rooted in adaptability and driven by technical innovation, redefines the possibilities for hydroelectric modernization.


Session Presented by: Hacker Industrial and Wenckus Energy


Cledson Luis Tragnago, Engineering Manager - Hacker Industrial
Mark W. Wenckus, President of Wenckus Energy - Wenckus Energy

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