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The Hydropower Technology Catalog – Connecting Innovators with End Users

Jul 18, 2024
Exhibit Floor Booth 128
KNOWLEDGE HUB Equipment and Technology

Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory with partners at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed the Hydropower Technology Catalog (HTC) tool ( through funding from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office to help industry participants identify hydropower technologies appropriate for their sites and use cases. This tool helps users determine each technology’s requirements and identify the set of technologies that meet the needs of a given application. The project team is implementing additional functionality to HTC that includes efficiency and cost estimations based on user input resource characteristics. The tool will help users identify the expected power output for a site based on the technologies they select.

Fred Wiesinger, Vice President of Engineering - Kingsbury, Inc.
Trevor Atkinson, Research Scientist - Idaho National Laboratory

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