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Transforming Hydropower Plant Operations with a Cloud-based SCADA System

Jul 18, 2024
Exhibit Floor Booth 127
KNOWLEDGE HUB Equipment and Technology

The optimal performance of hydroelectric power plants is essential for the profitability of the plants. Using modern control systems from SEAMTEC, the plant operation, monitoring and maintenance are elevated via a modern cloud-based solution and thus offers a safe and reliable application for monitoring the plant.

This creates an optimal ecosystem, especially for multiple plants, in order to easily set up the reporting of the plants and to benchmark plants. The flexible structure offers the possibility of operating the system platform-independently and connecting different control PLCs.

The session will include the following topics:

  • Setting up a modern turbine control system
  • Networking of plants and control via the cloud
  • Improving analytics and reporting across multiple plants
  • Discussion and Q&A


Session presented by: SEAMTEC GmbH


Peter Reiter, CEO - SEAMTEC GmbH

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