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Visit Emrgy's Installation and Denver Water's Ralston Reservoir

Jul 16, 2024
Technical Tour

Pre-registration for this event is required. This event includes an additional fee unless you have an All Access pass. Visit your registration resource center or reach out to to reserve your seat.

During your visit to the Emrgy - Denver Water Innovation Site, you'll experience a vibrant collaboration dedicated to pioneering low-impact, cost-effective, in-conduit renewable energy solutions for existing water infrastructure.

The tour will showcase Emrgy's Distributed Hydropower installation and Canal Floating Solar installation in operation, generating clean renewable energy for the grid. This innovative hybrid distributed energy system, integrated into Denver Water's infrastructure, marks a significant initiative delivering clean energy to support Denver Water's operations while advancing Emrgy's equipment and controls development for global deployment.

Denver Water's Northwater Treatment Plant opened for operations in the spring of 2024. It can treat up to 75 million gallons of water per day, with the ability to expand its capacity as future water demands increase. Sustainability is at the forefront of many design aspects of Northwater. The location of the plant – in a valley adjacent to the water source, Ralston Reservoir – allows the plant to leverage influent pressure to produce energy. Using a 427-kW Francis hydro turbine within the Headworks building, the Northwater Plant will generate up to 2,660 MWh per year, becoming a net energy producer on an annualized basis with a resulting annual offset of 1,485 tons of carbon dioxide.

Learn about our schedule and security requirements here!

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