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Waterpower Hydro Basics 2.0 - Hydro Generator Stator Windings – Deep Dive (Hydro Generator 102)

Jul 16, 2024
Waterpower Hydro Basics 2

Pre-registration for this event is required. This event includes an additional fee unless you have an All Access pass. Visit your registration resource center or reach out to to reserve your seat.

This continuation of the 2023 Hydro Generator Tutorial will review hydro generator anatomy and characteristics, including winding anatomy for multiturn and roebel bars. Winding losses and insulation volts per mil will be explained and related to performance and reliability. Primary winding design considerations -- required initial data, optimizing design, cooling types, and process challenges -- will be shared. Primary winding insulation systems will be introduced and primary deterioration mechanisms discussed. Winding qualification testing and inspection programs will be discussed, including why IEEE guidelines help ensure quality and reliability. Qualification testing differences in contrast to in-process and final testing will be presented, along with why each is important.

Participants will get a virtual tour of multiturn and roebel bar manufacturing processes, including conductor strand manufacturing and important design factors, and a preview of critical to quality (CTQ) elements and other important in-process checks. Tape application and resin systems will be discussed and CTQ factors presented. Outer corona protection application and its function will be discussed, including the importance of long-term reliability and partial discharge prevention. Final testing and inspection will be discussed, including the importance of 100% final test and geometric characteristic confirmation. Packaging will be discussed, along with key considerations in design, packing, storage, and handling at the rewind site.

Winding trends and CTQ aspects will be reviewed. Challenges of replacement windings for life extension/stator rewind will be shared. Suggestions will be summarized for inclusion in participant specifications. The tutorial will conclude with an open forum for questions and discussion.

Howard Moudy, Director of Operations - National Electric Coil

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