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Automated CFD design of experiments for hydro turbine with CFturbo and STAR-CCM+ Design Manager

July 13, 2022
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We present a universal workflow to easily carry out automated parametric design studies for hydro turbine using CFturbo and STAR-CCM+ Design Manager, using the example of a hydro turbine design. A number of geometric design parameters were varied between upper and lower constraints within the design software CFturbo, resulting in the generation of multiple 3D designs within the design space. Using only native functionality within STAR-CCM+ and CFturbo allows for a completely automated design study without deployment of another process automation tool or requirements for user programming. All candidate designs were automatically evaluated in a series of CFD analyses within STAR-CCM+. The designs were evaluated for typical relevant performance characteristics such as generated power, efficiency, and cavitation potential. A comprehensive analysis and comparison of results as well as best practice guidelines for setting up this novel design process will be provided. The demonstrated automated process largely improves throughput for turbo-machinery design to hours instead of days.

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