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1C2: Case Study: Joint Control System with Optimal Load Dispatch for Enel Green Power's Huinco Station

July 13, 2022
Room 110
Equipment and Technology
This is a case study of an innovative joint control system that Reivax designed and developed with its customer Enel Green Power; a global hydro power generation producer. This paper details the technical design, product development, installation, testing and operation of the joint control system at Enel Green Power's Huinco power plant located in Peru. Huinco station has four Pelton turbine machines: two turbines per generator producing 270 MW. What makes it unique is this joint control system provides load distribution by optimizing the relationship between generation (MW) versus the water consumption (m3/s) of the power plant. The system also provides support to secondary control of grid frequency by acting on the power reference of each unit in order to correct the frequency deviation that results from only primary regulation. This paper will outline lessons learned during the implementation of this technology and show detailed graphical results during the testing phase of this project to validate the benefits of this technology. This technology has been in operation for some time and Enel Green Power has realized substantial cost savings resulting from using 0.6% less water at the station, better time response and stability, and better grid disturbance support especially from sudden load variations. Moreover, in power plants that use Bulb or Kaplan turbines, where wicket gate and runner blades are utilized, this joint control system can provide even greater water savings resulting in even more cost savings. This paper was written by Mr. David Oliver Tipián Calixtro of Enel Green Power and Mr. Leonardo Augusto Weiss of Reivax. Mr. Calixtro cannot attend Hydrovision, therefore, Mr. Weiss will present.

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