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2C2: Cleaning Generators and Partial Discharge - What is the Connection

July 13, 2022
Equipment and Technology

SKQ Unit 1 Generator had become progressively dirty over a 5 year time frame of operation due to events that added oil and carbon brush dust to the generator.  These events stemmed from a system disturbance that caused oil to slosh over the inside lip of the generator guide bearing pot and through the vapor seal located on the top bearing cover.  When you couple oil with carbon coming off the rough surface of the exciter rotating commutator, you add items that cause the partial discharge of the generator to start climbing.  Finally, in October 2017 the generator rotor was removed for an inspection and thorough cleaning.

Mr. Peterson plans to show that recorded partial discharge data was trending up over a short period of time and then after the cleaning the partial discharge data leveled out and, in some cases, trended down. He plans to discuss the way the generator was cleaned along with before and after photos.

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