Forecasting Hydropower Generation Using Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network

July 13, 2022
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This paper discussed in detail forecasting hydropower generation using fuzzy logic and artificial neural network. Hydropower is one of the important renewable energy sources that are produced from water stored in the reservoir with the help of the construction of dams. The main objective of this paper is to provide a forecasting framework of hydropower generation to power producers with help of accurate forecasting methods which is a key to effective operations of hydropower plants, load management and the reliability of distribution systems. It is very important to forecast hydropower generation to have an optimal minimized uncertainty. Fuzzy logic with the help of high performance computer processors process acceptable accuracy predictions of hydropower generation and enables system flexibility to consider natural circumstances. Artificial neural network has the capabilities of machine learning and it used for forecasting. This paper make used of MATLAB for the processing of data.
Kemoh Lumei, Electrical Engineer - Liberia Electricity Corporation

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