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Future Flexibility Now – Demonstrating New Technologies and Potential Services through the XFLEX HYDRO Project

July 13, 2022
Booth #1802, Exhibit Floor
Knowledge Hub - Technology Horizons
The growth in variable renewables is changing how power grids operate, with potential impacts on the stability and security of energy supply. European climate change goals suggest a drastic decarbonisation of electricity by 2050 is necessary. This will place increasing demands on the hydropower sector to provide flexible, reliable power services that can adapt to changing supply and demand. New and innovative technologies will help hydropower adjust to its critical role integrating variable renewables into the system. This will also ensure hydropower operators can maximise their performance and access future energy markets. XFLEX HYDRO is demonstrating new hydropower technologies such as smart digital controls, variable-speed, and hydraulic short circuiting as well as a hydro-battery hybrid. The work will conclude by delivering guidelines and a roadmap to increase adoption of these solutions across the European hydropower fleet, and market and policy recommendations. This talk will provide a 20-minute introduction into the XFLEX hydropower project, its deliverables, and the emerging opportunities for hydropower plants to provide new short-term flexibility and system support services (ancillary services), to the European Grid. With 10-minutes of Q&A. The website is

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