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How Motion Amplification is Changing the Way We See, Measure and Communicate Asset Conditions

July 13, 2022
Booth #1802, Exhibit Floor
Knowledge Hub - Technology Horizons
Video-based sensors are the future of asset condition monitoring because they allow you to not only measure data, but visualize that motion in real time and easily communicate the faults found with your equipment. As reliability professionals we all know that there is so much information in the plots and graphs than traditional sensors produce, the problem is that we have to have years of experience and training to be able to “see” the asset condition in the numbers.  Motion Amplification takes the data intensive work out of processing those graphs and simply visualizes what the faults are so that both technical and nontechnical people within the plant can see what the issues are. The measurements and analysis present in Motion Amplification are as effective as other technologies in the market with the added benefit of bringing about more effective and rapid decision making because of enhanced communication capabilities. Several case histories will be presented where enhanced communication from Motion Amplification improved overall asset condition throughout different types of facilities.

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