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Industry 4.0 Technologies and Their Major Disruptive Roles in Hydro Power Systems

July 12, 2022
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Industry 4.0 contributes to discovering new approaches to address major global hurdles such as energy optimization, climate change, and economic and digital stagnation. Hydropower systems from the project reconnaissance stages, to designing, implementation, operations & control (O&C), transmission & distribution (T&D) and customer care, has received a lot of transformation in the recent past through the utilization of 4th Revolution based systems such as 4&5G, intelligent robots, and Internet of Things (IoT) equipment. This paper presents some of the significant changes Hydropower systems have attained as the result of the 4th industrial revolution, advantages, shortcomings and opportunities and how Energy 4.0 can play a major role in the post COVID-19 recovery.

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