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Modernize Your Air-Gapped OT Systems with State-of-Art Cybersecurity Platform

July 12, 2022
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Knowledge Hub - Technology Horizons
In traditional Operational Technology (OT) environments, OT systems were air-gapped and completely isolated from IT systems. Many older ICS/SCADA systems were built without cybersecurity in mind. This old way of “security by isolation” have several significant drawbacks. Lack of connection to IT systems makes remote access, monitoring, and control difficult if not impossible, resulting in missing out on valuable data.  And it is more prone to security breaches than connected one. In addition, the embrace of the digital transformation has led the convergence of IT and OT.  Therefore, the isolation is no longer a feasible solution for protecting OT asset. This session will provide details on the vulnerability of the air-gapped OT system and how to modernize and connect your air-gapped OT system with advanced cybersecurity solutions.

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