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2F2: Optimizing Operations with Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles

July 13, 2022
Room 103/105
Operations and Maintenance
The adoption of submersible remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) gives energy providers an innovative way to redefine what’s possible. By providing teams with accurate, safe and cost effective inspection solutions, ROVs allow energy providers to optimize operations like never before. In using ROVs for underwater inspections, operators are maximizing safety and efficiency. The use of ROVs not only keeps divers safe, but provides teams with a quick and convenient way to conduct accurate inspections on submerged infrastructure. Furthermore, systems can stay in operation during ROV inspection, allowing teams to make the most of their budget and time. By keeping up with regular inspections, operators are able to identify small issues before they become catastrophic. Furthermore, frequent inspection means that maintenance can be prioritized and accurately scheduled to optimize budgets. In terms of aging plants, leveraging ROV technology allows operators to stay on top of the maintenance of submerged infrastructure. Plants can be frequently monitored to ensure that all aging infrastructure is still functioning safely and efficiently. Deep Trekker will discuss the optimal ROV operations to maximize efficiencies, safety and budget.

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