Rapid Post-earthquake Assessments of Critical Hydropower Infrastructure

July 14, 2022
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ShakeCast® is a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) software application that automatically retrieves ShakeMap shaking estimates and performs analyses using fragility functions for buildings and lifelines. The ShakeCast system aims to identify which facilities or lifeline segments are most likely impacted by an earthquake—and thus which ones should be prioritized for inspection and response—and sends notifications to responders in the minutes after an event. By focusing inspection efforts on the most damage-susceptible facilities in the severely shaken areas, ShakeCast can reduce critical lifeline inspection prioritization and response time in the aftermath of a significant earthquake. 

Here we discuss ShakeCast users, particularly in the hydro community (dams and pipelines) and their response protocols to provide further insight into the use of the ShakeCast system. We focus on users responsible for monitoring and response for critical infrastructure, and we emphasize inventory, fragility, and notification issues pertinent to the lifeline audience, as well as issues tied to developing protocols for prioritizing post-earthquake inspections and response. 


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