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1F2: USACE Cougar Dam Islanded Operation during the Holiday Farm Wildfire

July 13, 2022
Room 103/105
Operations and Maintenance
In September-October 2020, a large wildfire called the “Holiday Farm Fire” burned 173,000 acres in the McKenzie River Valley near Cougar Dam. The rural communities near Cougar were without power because the fire had damaged the transmission lines in the area that connect the towns to the larger grid. Cougar was not configured for islanded operation at that time, but islanded operation was requested to restore power to the local communities. USACE coordinated with BPA and Lane Electric to determine the feasibility and to overcome technical hurdles in reconfiguring Cougar to be able to operate islanded. This presentation/paper will discuss the steps taken to quickly and successfully provide islanded power until the transmission lines could be repaired.

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