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Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith

Operating Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers

Amanda has been with the US Army Corps of Engineers for 27 years and is currently serving as the Operating Project Manager for Albeni Falls Dam for the Seattle District Operations Division. In this position, she supervises a group of technical professionals who oversee the safety, environmental, contracting, and engineering programs at Little Goose.  She began her career in 1996 as a GS-01 student aide at the North Alabama Area Office, Redstone Arsenal AL; Mobile District in the Construction Division.  Since that time Amanda has worked in 4 different divisions for 5 different district offices.  She has supported these districts by serving as the lead mechanical engineer on a diverse set of MILCON, MEDCOM, and Civil construction projects while in Mobile District, as a project engineer supporting the Iraq Mission working to support the restoration of the electrical grid with the TransAtlantic District and program manager for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program in Jacksonville, Florida.


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